The Universal Importance of Literacy in Learning

Horizons’ Jamaica Plain Early Education Center is thriving through the City of Boston’s Universal Pre-K (UPK) Program.  The literacy component of the curriculum has reframed how Horizons’ educators approach reading, vocabulary, writing, and comprehension in the classroom while simultaneously exciting teachers and students alike. ... Read more

Infant Classroom Profile

Infants can attend Horizons as early as 2 months old starting a curriculum centered on emotional and social development. ... Read more

Jasmine’s Story

Universal Pre-K at Horizons

In a breakthrough in educational development, Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh recently announced Universal Pre-K for the city. Horizons was quick to pursue this opportunity through grant funding for its numerous students and was specially selected through Boston’s Expansion Grant. ... Read more

We use a TRAUMA-INFORMED, STRENGTHS-BASED, WHOLE-FAMILY approach. Our children learn through
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