P.L.A.Y. Network

“I had been looking for an organization that I knew I would be able to fully commit to. In addition to making a gift every year, I am a PAL and a member of the P.L.A.Y. Network Leadership Committee. I am able to see first-hand the impact that I have on the families of Horizons because each week I laugh with the children, I chat with the mothers, and I advocate for Horizons.” -Meg Gillespie, Donor, PAL, P.L.A.Y. Network

The Professional and Leaders Advocating for Youth (P.L.A.Y.) Network is a diverse group of professionals dedicated to making a real difference in our local communities as representatives of Horizons. Through fundraising, advocating, and relationship-building, we increase awareness and create opportunities to help homeless children and families. Join us today to make a difference in your community!

Invitation to members-only events:

  • Social gatherings
  • Community service opportunities
  • Professional and personal networking

Access to seminars by leading experts in the field of homelessness and early education

Joining a movement to improve the lives of homeless children and their families across Massachusetts

Why Join?

By signing up, you will receive invitations to upcoming events, information on volunteer opportunities, and calls to action to contact your legislators and decision makers regarding policies and legislation that affect homeless children and their families.

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