Adrianna wants to be a “scientist and a superhero” when she grows up. When asked what her superpower would be, she replies simply,

“Spider webs and helping people.”

Horizons’ high-quality early education centers provide much-needed nurturing, socialization, and stability to children like Adrianna. Her teachers are trained in trauma-informed care that helps them work with young children who are experiencing homelessness. With their guidance, she is is learning how to read and has become an eloquent preschooler.

Adriana holding My Rainbow Book

Our work doesn’t stop with Adrianna. Horizons provides services for her entire family. Adrianna’s mom, Andrea, has a Family Advocate who connects her to resources she needs to accomplish her goals – including getting Adrianna placed in a Catholic School on a generous scholarship next year through our Next Schools Initiative. Knowing that her child is in a safe and high-quality center,  Andrea is able to focus on working and getting her family on a path to success.

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