Corporate Sponsorship

Promotional Tool Kit

Promotional Tool Kit

Welcome Corporate Sponsors

Thank you for sponsoring the 2020 Women’s Breakfast (for dinner)!  We want to make sure you receive all the benefits your sponsorship affords you and your company.   

Here you will find a number of promotional tools to help you invite your organization to participate in the main event and the additional interactive sessions later in the evening.  

Help us get you and your team there

Please let us know who will be attending from your company. First name, last name and email address are required for each of your attendees. We’ll be emailing each attendee through our event platform to provide a unique confirmation and link to the event. Please share your guest list with us at

Make the most of your sponsorship benefits

Your company’s logo is included on our website and event page. Please review your listing for accuracy and let us know if a change needs to be made.  

Be sure to email us your program journal ad no later than October 8, 2020.  Ad specifications are here.  Should you need Horizons photos for your ad, please feel free to use the options below:

As always, if you have any specific questions about participation in this or any of Horizons’ events, please contact us at

Invite your team!

Please use this customizable invitation to promote the event within your organization. Add your logo and send it via email either as an attachment or by including the content in your corporate newsletter.  

If your team can best be reached via social media, you can “share” Horizons content from any of its platforms.  The event posts are on FacebookTwitter,  LinkedIn & Instagram. You can also share our promotional video for the event on Facebook here. 

If you’re creating your own promotional pieces, feel free to use Horizons logo, downloadable here 

Share our new promotional YouTube videos with your network:

Book club organizers

If you’re organizing a book club or discussion, recommended questions are available here. You can download this document and add your logo or just use this link to circulate it to your invitees.   

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