Sponsor a Classroom

this Holiday Season

It’s been a difficult year, but we are grateful. At Horizons for Homeless Children, we can count three very big reasons for our gratitude: our early education centers are open in Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, and Roxbury.

Across 16 classrooms of infants, toddlers and preschoolers, learning is happening every day. It’s uplifting to see.

Look inside an infant classroom and you’ll see little Lucia hard at work in a hands-on lesson on primary colors. Her teacher supports the young artist as she mixes blue and yellow paint with a sensory ball. With her tiny brow furrowed, Lucia rolls the ball around a shallow basin and—voila!—creates the color green.

Across the hall in a toddler classroom, you can hear claps and cheers as 2-year-old Imelda points to photos of her classmates on the birthday wall, right at her eye level, and confidently says each of their names. “I am so proud of her,” says her teacher. “Imelda has been so quiet, so it’s wonderful to see that she’s finally comfortable talking in the classroom.”

Plunk! Thwap! Meanwhile, in a preschool classroom, two budding young engineers build an apartment complex out of blocks during free play, honing their creativity and critical thinking skills. Next door, seven students sit engrossed at pint-sized tables, separated by plexiglass barriers. Portraits of concentration, they practice counting while playing their favorite train game.

Your support in Sponsoring a Horizons Classroom will go a long way in fueling high-quality early education for some of the region’s most vulnerable children.


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