Reusing disposable diapers. Squeezing a growing toddler into too-small clothes. Skipping a phone bill so there’s money for food. Imagine having to make choices like these for you and your children. Sadly, these are the choices that families at Horizons for Homeless Children have had to make.

The reality is that the pandemic hit Horizons’ families hard and shows no signs of letting up. A recent survey confirmed that the majority of our families—like Rosaline and her daughter, Camille—are living on the financial edge, with no savings and no way of meeting an emergency expense. When Rosaline’s car broke down, for example, she panicked because she didn’t know how she would get to her job as a cashier in a big box store.

The stress of homelessness can be overwhelming for parents who are struggling to provide even the basics for their children. Thanks to friends like you, Horizons is here to help. One of our family advocates helped Rosaline secure an emergency loan to fix her car and also connected her to a job training program that regularly partners with Horizons, moving parents toward jobs and careers that will provide security for their families.

Today, Rosaline is enrolled in an aesthetician certification program, which she loves. And while she strives to improve her individual situation, Rosaline is grateful that Camille is thriving in Horizons’ early education program, receiving a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack each day and developing critical academic and social-emotional skills with the help of teachers who understand the trauma of homelessness.

Your gift to Horizons makes it possible for us to help young children and their families as they navigate out of homelessness. In this season of giving, we ask you to consider a year-end gift now so that we can continue to help our families overcome poverty’s many obstacles.

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