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Jayuanna is a sixth-grade teacher in Mattapan, a role she describes as her dream job. But that dream seemed unattainable until recently. “I’ve always wanted to improve the community around me, but I wasn’t always in a position to do that.”

Jayuanna became pregnant when she was in college, but she pushed forward to get her degree. After giving birth to her daughter Jiya and graduating, she lived with her extended family in Boston. That’s when they received an eviction notice and had only three days to move out. A downward spiral began for Jayuanna during this time. She found out she was pregnant with Jiya’s younger sister as she “couch surfed” with friends and moved to a series of motels until resources ran out. Within a year, Jayuanna was sleeping in her car with her toddler, 9 months pregnant and afraid of what the future held.

Jayuanna shared her story with us in a heartfelt speech
“I was scared of what would happen to my daughter if I got caught sleeping in my car,” she recalls. After delivering her second daughter, Jade, the hospital helped Jayuanna find temporary shelter and connected her with Horizons for Homeless Children.

Thanks to the support of our community, Jiya and Jade were able to attend Horizons’ early education program while Jayuanna worked with a dedicated Family Advocate to get her family’s life back on track.

“My number one goal was to get a job. I knew this couldn’t be a permanent situation for me and the future of my children depended on it,” she shared.

While Jayuanna pursued her career aspirations, Jiya and Jade thrived at Horizons. Our early education program exposed the girls to a rich curriculum in STEM and literacy. Their trauma-informed teachers helped them feel a sense of stability and develop social emotional skills so critical to future academic success. They both loved story time in the library!

While Jiya and Jade were benefiting from a high-quality education, Jayuanna’s Advocate at Horizons helped her access healthcare, start therapy, and provided necessities like diapers and food. Jayuanna was then able to focus on her dream of becoming a teacher. Her Advocate helped her refine her resume, apply for jobs, and prepare for interviews, all while providing the coaching and confidence she needed to take charge of her family’s future.

Horizons’ two-generation model helps both parents and children thrive, and your support makes a direct impact for families like Jayuanna, Jiya, and Jade. “I’m going to give my daughters a better shot at becoming successful so they don’t end up where I’ve been,” Jayuanna shared. “I want to thank Horizons for making that possible!”

Will you make a gift today to ensure Horizons can be there for the next family that joins our program? Your support in this season of giving will help more families like Jayuanna, Jiya and Jade thrive.

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