Play doesn’t stop during a pandemic. In fact, it’s play that helps children get through tough times.

At Horizons, our kids have been through the toughest of times, which is why play is so critical to their healthy development. Research confirms what we all know – play enables children to work through trauma and stress and build healthy brains. The past year has made the challenges of homelessness greater than ever before, and the need for our services has only increased. Over the past 18 months, families living in shelter have had a hard time accessing basic needs – loss of employment has led to food insecurity and unpaid bills, and even finding a safe place for young children to play has been hard to find.

Our Playspace team has risen to the new challenges facing families, helping them pick up the pieces after so many disruptions of the past year. But we need your help to continue this important work of addressing families in crisis.

  • For the first time ever, we’ve created an outdoor Playspace program to meet the needs of children isolated in shelter with no access to toys, books or even a safe place to play outdoors. More than 300 volunteers have returned to weekly shifts providing an opportunity for children living in shelter to get outside and play.
  • Horizons’ indoor playrooms located in nearly 100 shelters across the state are in need of being refurbished so they can be safely reopened. Your gift today will provide us the resources to rebuild and re-stock these trauma informed spaces.
  • Parents living in shelter can now participate in workshops led by our highly trained team. Your support will help fund Horizons’ parent workshops taking place in teen and family shelters. During these sessions, mothers and fathers can connect, build community, receive mentoring and discuss their challenges and triumphs as parents beyond their current circumstances.

Your gift today will help our Playspace team and volunteers return to the work made even more critical over these past months. Whether it’s rebuilding our playrooms, delivering workshops to parents living in shelter or even addressing food insecurity and other critical needs, your gift has a direct impact on families experiencing homelessness.

Bring play and so much more to families living in homeless shelters
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