Employee Spotlight-Horizons For Homeless Children
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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight-Horizons For Homeless Children

Name: Ashlee Good-Blocker
Position: Infant Teacher
Start Date at Horizons: August 2013

Describe the day in the life of your role at Horizons-
I work in the infant room in our Roxbury early education centers. I come in each day and cater to the needs of the babies. This means feeding the babies, changing their diapers, making art with them, taking walks with the babies in strollers, and helping them with tummy time.

What do you like most about working at Horizons?
My favorite part is getting to work with the children and my coworkers. The staff here is like family. The other places I previously worked at were not like Horizons at all, people were only there to work. The families we work with are also like family to me. I get close with them and I appreciate that.

What’s a goal you hope to accomplish while at Horizons?
I would like to become a Lead Teacher in the infant room. My previous experience has always been working at baby classrooms and I enjoy getting to see them grow up and go to the other classrooms.

What is something you’ve learned at Horizons that has affected you the most?
The team dynamic that I’ve experienced and been part of with the other teachers has made a huge impact on me. I’ve worked at other places and the teachers worked separately. Here, I’ve learned that teamwork between staff can make a huge difference in the classrooms and the lives of the children.

Favorite/most powerful Horizons moment?
Since I’ve been at Horizons, I’ve received two degrees. First I received my associates’ degree and then I recently received my bachelor’s degree. Horizons helped me accomplish this through me learning from other teachers and witnessing the work that I was studying first hand.

Why do you think people should support Horizons?
Horizons is a great organization and is serving children all over the state. These children are getting social and emotional support that they may not get elsewhere. It’s also helping children be prepared for kindergarten and that’s extremely important, since children are our future.

What’s your favorite childhood memory?
My favorite memories are when I did activities with my mom and dad. Going to the zoo was my favorite. I also loved when my mom and I did mother-daughter trips.

What was your favorite learning activity growing up?
My favorite activity was making art. Growing up my mom had so many paintings everywhere. Now my favorite activity to do in the classroom with the infants is making dot paintings and hand paintings.

Horizons for Homeless Children’s passionate employees embody the Horizons’ mission every day in a vast array of ways. The Horizons’ staff is uniquely specialized in several areas to cater to the needs of young homeless children and their families. To join our team, check out our career opportunities!

Published on September 2, 2016