Meet our Marathoners- Horizons For Homeless Children

Name: Kathy Cuhna
Age: 49

Name: Bob Cuhna
Age: 52
Company: Eaton Vance Corp.

Why did you choose to run for Horizons over other organizations with which you’re involved?

Kathy – I believe in Horizons so much that I am running a marathon… and I don’t know if you know this about me, but I hate running! It’s also hard for me to ask for money, but everyone has been so supportive. I think it’s because my family and friends know that this marathon journey has been so difficult for me!
Bob – I do want to point out that Kathy is a really good runner, but she has always been a sprinter. This distance is just different!
Kathy – Also, with my daughter, Maggie, doing her senior project on Horizons, I learned about amazing the work Horizons does and the direct impact they have on their children and families. I could not think of a more worthy cause. If I am going to run 26 miles, then I want it to be for Horizons! I will be thinking of the kids the whole way on Marathon Monday!
Bob – This is my second time running for Horizons. Kathy and I love contributing to Horizons, and the marathon piece is just a plus to that. We would be supportive of the organization regardless, but I am grateful for the opportunity to run the marathon. We look at the charitable dollars that we are raising and see the direct impact that we are having on the kids and families that we know.
Kathy – Bob and I have really gotten to know the moms at the shelter we volunteer at, and I relate to these women so much. It’s amazing to know that Horizons gives them the support they need, and the security that their child is going to be safe during the day. That is such a gift to a child and to a parent.

How have you been engaging your networks to fundraise towards your goal?

Kathy – I have found Facebook has been really helpful! I have stayed in contact with a lot of people in my life, and when I post about my marathon, I have had great support from family and friends. I even got a donation from my grade school teachers!  I have also sent targeted emails and found this to be a very compelling way to get support.
Bob – I just want to say that Kathy has finally given people the opportunity to give back after she has given to so many of her friends/family for so many years. They are happy to help her!
Kathy – For the training, I have the world’s greatest training partner, which is Bob. Bob will map out all of our training runs and has made these long runs as enjoyable as they can be for me. He even plans out the snacks and water for our runs.
Bob – Kathy is so tough; she will get through this no problem!
The training has been tough this year because of injuries that I have been fighting. The weather has also been brutal. With that being said, I just really hope to get to the finish line this year.
For fundraising, I have asked people to join the circle of giving. There have been many family and friends whose causes I have supported, so they are happy to give back to my cause. I have also encouraged most of our donors to give to Kathy’s page more than my page.

What has been the most challenging part of fundraising for you? What has been the most difficult part of training for you?

Kathy – The training has been really tough, especially with the brutal weather. We have been training on the Cape Cod Canal, but there have been ferocious winds!
Bob – I feel like we have been going against the wind in every run! For me, the weather has been tough to train. I also think with the fundraising that it’s difficult to compete with all of the other charities out there. There are so many runners running Boston for a great cause. It’s difficult to compete with all the other organizations.

What will be the most rewarding part of this experience for you?

Kathy – The finish line will be the most rewarding! This whole experience has been so humbling. One of my best friends is also running, so I am just excited for this to all pay off. I have so much respect for marathon runners now!
I have also been really touched by everyone’s support. Even one of my daughter’s friends donated, and she’s in college! It’s still hard to ask for money. One of my first donors was a friend who I used to play volleyball with, and I donated to his Boston Marathon page many years ago. He was so happy to see I was running the marathon this year for a wonderful cause and returned the favor by making a donation to me.
Bob – The most rewarding part will be to see Kathy finish the marathon, and we have never done anything like this together. She’s worked very hard to get to that finish line. Also, the most inspiring part for me will be helping the kids. They did not sign up for the difficult life they currently live, so I will be happy to know that I helped them.

What will be the first thing you eat after you run 26 miles?

Kathy – French fries!
Bob – Banana!


Please consider supporting the marathon team with a donation today. They look forward to seeing you on April 16th!