Meet our Marathoners- Horizons For Homeless Children
Meet our Marathoners- Horizons For Homeless Children

Name: Sarah Allen
Age: 31
Company: WegoWise

Name: Ryan Debin
Age: 40
Company: Momentum Enterprises

How long us have you been involved with Horizons and how did you first hear about us?

Sarah – I have been involved with Horizons for 6 years as a PAL and have been involved with the PLAY Network leadership committee for 6 months.
Ryan – I first heard about Horizons through an ad on the T, and I became a PAL 16 years ago. I have run the marathon for Horizons 15 years.

Why did you choose to run for Horizons over other organizations with which you’re involved?

Sarah – It was important to me that I picked an organization that I could get 100% behind. I have a story to tell about Horizons being a PAL for 6 years, and it makes it easier to ask for donations when it’s a cause you really care about.
Ryan – Because I am on the board and I care a lot about this organization!

How have you been engaging your networks to fundraise towards your goal?

Sarah – I hosted a fundraiser event that helped to get donations in early. It also helped to have family and friends who couldn’t make it, make a donation. I sent an email to my network that included my fundraising link. I found it important to share my personal story and really helped me to hit my fundraising goal early.

For training, I followed a training plan, called “Marathoning for mortals”. It was great because it was a gradual training plan. It was also incredibly helpful to have the John Furey 26.2 long runs every Saturday. I don’t think I would have been able to get through those long runs alone.

Ryan – Experience has helped me with the training and fundraising.

What has been the most challenging part of fundraising for you? What has been the most difficult part of training for you?

Sarah –The most challenging part of fundraising would be getting those $25 donations to add up. However, I had some larger donations that came in and got me to my fundraising goal.
For training, I would say it’s always challenging figuring out what works best for you. It’s all about timing and what your body could handle.

Ryan –For training, the most challenging part is finding the time.

For fundraising, I would say it’s been challenging finding new donors. I have been running for Horizons for over 15 years, so it’s hard to find new donors and continuing to ask the same people.

What will be the most rewarding part of this experience for you?

Sarah – Crossing the finish line! I am also really excited that I hit my fundraising goal and knowing that the money is going to a really great cause!

Ryan –I am excited to put another marathon in the books!

What will be the first thing you eat after you run 26 miles?

Sarah – Meatball sub!!
Ryan – Ice cream at Abbott’s Frozen Custard in Lexington!

Sarah and Ryan both ran incredibly fast, especially given Marathon Monday’s weather conditions. Sarah ran her 1st marathon in 4:01:05, and Ryan ran his 15th Boston Marathon in 4:46:49!