Meet Martyn - preschooler and musician!

When Martyn arrived at Horizons less than a year ago, his language was limited and—as is typical of children dealing with the trauma of homelessness—he suffered from outbursts. He would hit teachers and couldn’t participate in group activities because he couldn’t interact well with other children.

Our skilled teachers got right to work with him. They focused on helping him develop social-emotional skills. They used his love of music to reinforce language and math concepts—and ways to be a good friend. The consistency of the classroom routine has been a source of stability, something he can count on. Martyn is now “leader” of the classroom band, taking charge of both the drums and coordinating his new friends’ roles in making music.


At lunchtime recently, Martyn finished and then asked for extra bread. When his teacher questioned if he was still hungry, Martyn said no. “My mom loves this kind of bread, and I want to bring some home for her,” he explained.

Talk about progress: the preschooler who once hit his mom out of frustration has become a nurturing boy who feels comfortable self-advocating and caring for others.

Martyn is one of many who have made great strides in our classrooms this year. It’s progress like this that can change the trajectory of a young life – from desperation to hope.  With Martyn’s solid foundation, there’s no telling where his education and musical ability will take him!

What to make a difference for kids like Martyn?
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