Boston Globe: Five things you
should know about Kate Barrand

Kate Barrand took an unusual path to her windowless office in an old bottling plant in Roxbury. She’s been a jet-setting management consultant to Fortune 500 companies and held top jobs at one of Boston’s biggest banks. She’s run a tech startup and coached executives at Bank of America. But for the last three years, she has been chief executive at Horizons for Homeless Children, overseeing a staff of 115 and more than 1,000 volunteers who play with, teach, and otherwise provide care for homeless children — and their parents — across Greater Boston. It’s a job Barrand loves, at an organization she’s been involved with — as a board member and then volunteer — for more than two decades. Now she’s helping it launch to a higher level, with a new building on the way that will combine Horizons for Homeless Children’s three day care and preschool centers around the city into one facility, and offer an array of social services designed to help families overcome homelessness. We caught up with Barrand for a few minutes last week.

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