Grafton marketplace opens donating 100% of profits to charity

8/18/2020 – BOSTON — Boston’s Horizons for Homeless Children gets most of its funding through donations and money workers say these children need now more than ever.

“84% of our families lost their jobs during COVID. So imagine living in a homeless shelter in one room with all of your children and not being employed,” said Tara Spalding of Horizons for Homeless Children in Boston. “Massachusetts actually led the nation in growth of family homelessness last year.”

These heartbreaking statistics got the attention of Grafton company The online marketplace launches Tuesday for the sole purpose of fighting against homelessness and hunger among children.

“The goal of our marketplace is to prove to the world that e-commerce businesses can focus on social good instead of investor returns and still be successful,” said founder Jon Lincoln.

Check out  the full story from Boston 25 News here.

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