Hometown Weekly: CDC spearheads
holiday diaper/wipe drive

CDC spearheads holiday diaper/wipe drive

The teachers and families of the The Center for the Development of Children (CDC) recently had the honor of partnering with a great organization, Horizons for Homeless Children, in order to assist those in need. The mission of Horizons for Homeless Children is to improve the lives of young homeless children in Massachusetts and help their families succeed by providing high-quality early education, opportunities for play, and comprehensive family support services.

Horizons for Homeless Children provides high quality early education and care to the children, while they support their families and help them back onto to their feet. They serve more than 2,000 homeless children each week. Tara Spalding (chief development and marketing officer, local Dover mom, and CDC alumni of her three girls) and Christine Meagher (assistant director of annual giving and special events) spoke to the CDC about their program.

Besides the huge number of 16,000 children being homeless, the other fact that really floored CDC was the amount of money this organization spends yearly on diapers and wipes: upwards of $50,000. To help them out, the CDC had a diaper and wipe drive, and was able to donate 2,827 diapers, 8,148 wipes, diaper cream, Play-Doh, and mittens.

For further information on the CDC, call (508-785-1835) or email ctrdevchild@gmail.com.


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