A Year We Couldn’t

Have Predicted

Nobody could have anticipated the unique challenges this year would bring. But as Horizons does so well, we rose to those challenges to support children and families experiencing homelessness exactly when and how they needed it the most. Thanks to our community, we were able to provide early education, opportunities for play and comprehensive support that helped move families forward in many ways. Before the pandemic hit, our work provided:

  • 143,832 hours of play to children living in shelters across the Commonwealth
  • 2,000 hours of mental health support delivered in Horizons’ classrooms. Teachers also received training to help them recognize mental health challenges and foster secure, trauma-informed attachments with children
  • 214 goals set by parents which reflect education, employment, financial or wellness objectives established while working with Family Advocates
  • 172 corporate employees the opportunity to engage in 22 group volunteer activities to support Horizons’ work with children and families
  • A Universal Pre-K classroom, adding additional structure and assessment to our program and further preparing the children we serve for success in kindergarten and beyond

When the pandemic hit, our team transitioned to providing direct COVID-19 relief services to those very same families who had come to count on us. Quarantining in shelter wasn’t easy for children or their parents, but Horizons was able to respond quickly, reinforcing our families’ strengths and offering additional supports including:

• Over $20,000 in gift cards, diapers, and food to help families buy the critical supplies they needed to live in quarantine
257 tablets loaded with age appropriate content curated by Horizons Playspace staff distributed to children living in 54 shelters across Massachusetts
1,169 activity kits distributed to 1,140 children at 73 shelter partners statewide for children quarantining with their families in shelter

We’ve also continued construction of the Edgerley Family Horizons Center, the future home of our three Early Education Centers, Family Partnerships Program, headquarters and a social services hub in Boston for families experiencing homelessness.

This hasn’t been an easy year for any of us. But we couldn’t have been here to stand beside families amidst the crisis without our community of supporters.  If you’re one of them, we thank you.  To those who aren’t yet part of our community, we hope you’ll join us to be a part othe important work that still lies ahead.

Wishing you good health and prosperity,

Kate Barrand
President & C.E.O

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