Tips for Establishing a Summer Routine for Your Family

The transition from a busy school year to a relaxing summer can be difficult for some kids. Check out our blog for some tips on how to establish a summer routine that keeps everyone on track. ... Read more

Meeting the Moment: Reimagining Playspace during the Pandemic

Rising to challenges imposed by the COVID-19 crisis, including the statewide closure of these playrooms, the Playspace team had to find new ways to reach young children living in shelter. Playspace responded by adding another dimension to their work. If the Playspace couldn’t directly work with children, they could help children by helping parents expand their parenting toolkit. The parent workshop was born. ... Read more

A Year In Retrospective

Horizons’ Year in Retrospective shares the story of the COVID-19 pandemic from various voices impacted by Horizons’ work. ... Read more

Volunteers bringing value, one classroom at a time

Classroom Volunteers are a passionate subset of Horizons' volunteer base, dedicated to helping the children and teachers in Horizons' three Early Education Centers. Although the COVID-19 pandemic changed their roles, it didn't change their enthusiasm for their work. Hear from three of Horizons' Classroom Volunteers on how they've remained a helping hand to Horizons' during a challenging year. ... Read more

We use a TRAUMA-INFORMED, STRENGTHS-BASED, WHOLE-FAMILY approach. Our children learn through
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