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This summer marks the anniversary of Horizons for Homeless Children celebrating a full year together as an organization in the Edgerley Family Horizons Center. Children spent their school days in state-of-the-art classrooms, exploring science and technology, reading books across 9 languages, and having plenty of playtime out on the playgrounds. Their parents engaged in workshops, connected with their family advocates to set and achieve goals, and received other on-site services including mental health support and financial planning. These accomplishments show what we know, that together with the support of our community we are stronger than ever. We are excited to share some of the significant impacts we’ve made this year. ... Read more

Lullaby Project promotes healing, collaboration and connection

Jason and Myriah are not musicians, but they are parents, and they love music and sharing it with their son, Vaughn. So, when the opportunity to write a personalized lullaby presented itself, they were ready to try it. Horizons and Longy School of Music partnered to create a unique experience designed to strengthen the bond between parent and child. “At first, I was embarrassed, I thought I would be singing,” Jason, said of his first impressions of the project, but he went into the room with an open mind and a lot of love for his son. ... Read more

Help children feel safe and secure at Horizons

A recent city count in Boston revealed that right now, 9,000 people in families are homeless and two-thirds are children. Children like 4-year-old Caleb, who has had a hard time adjusting due to the instability of his home life. With the help of Horizons' trauma-informed educators, Caleb is finally starting to feel safe and secure in his classroom. As we approach the end of our fiscal year, will you help us continue our work with children like Caleb through a gift? ... Read more

RoRo’s Journey

When Ronan affectionally known as "RoRo" first joined Horizons’ infant classroom, his teachers noticed he was behind on his milestones and trembled at any sudden noise, behavior common in children experiencing trauma. Horizons’ teachers worked with mental health clinicians and his mom to help him progress. Today, RoRo is a happy, soft-spoken 5-year-old who loves to explore the playground and share his favorite toy cars. Having joined as an infant, most of his life has been with Horizons, and his bond with his teachers has grown through the years. Now, the time has come for Ronan to move up to kindergarten, and to help with his transition, a bittersweet goodbye came to life through a handmade scrapbook. ... Read more

We use a TRAUMA-INFORMED, STRENGTHS-BASED, WHOLE-FAMILY approach. Our children learn through
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