Volunteers bringing value, one classroom at a time

Classroom Volunteers are a passionate subset of Horizons' volunteer base, dedicated to helping the children and teachers in Horizons' three Early Education Centers. Although the COVID-19 pandemic changed their roles, it didn't change their enthusiasm for their work. Hear from three of Horizons' Classroom Volunteers on how they've remained a helping hand to Horizons' during a challenging year. ... Read more

Securing Food for Families Who Need it Most

Thanks in part to a generous grant from the Boston Resiliency Fund, Horizons has been developing a program to address food insecurity for families facing homelessness. Through a partnership with Neighborhood Villages, another Boston-based nonprofit focusing on families and affordable childcare, the two agencies collaborated to develop a pathway for our families to gain access to a new Horizons food program with Fresh Truck.   ... Read more

Black History Month at Horizons

Black History Month is a celebrated time at Horizons, highlighting the Black community through empowerment and education. Visit our blog for a look back at our Black History Month initiatives, both inside and outside of the classroom. ... Read more

A Legacy Gift to Benefit Others

Horizons is able to provide high-quality family support services year after year thanks to our community of supporters like Bob and Jane Cremin. Adding Horizons for Homeless Children as the top charity in their will, their continued support ensures Horizons’ vital work with families experiencing homelessness can continue for years to come. Read their Q&A to learn their story and how planned giving makes an impact. ... Read more

We use a TRAUMA-INFORMED, STRENGTHS-BASED, WHOLE-FAMILY approach. Our children learn through
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