Policy and advocacy are an integral piece of Horizons’ mission. Our advocacy efforts help ensure that the best interests of the families we serve are represented in governmental affairs. Horizons works to change public policy in ways that lift families out of poverty and break the cycle of homelessness.

Horizons works through several channels to keep families experiencing homelessness at the forefront of decision-making and priority setting in Massachusetts – but we need your help! We rely on community members like you to help elevate the needs of families struggling with housing instability, childcare costs, and stagnant wages. Whether it is calling your Representative’s office to support a bill or raising awareness via your own personal social media accounts, the actions of committed citizens have an impact on public policy.

How can I become a Horizons Advocate?

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Find your local legislators and note their contact info. Don’t hesitate to send them an email to talk about the need to address family homelessness!

Horizons’ Legislative Priorities for the current session (2021-2022)

These are the legislative items that are currently being discussed where we have and are sharing our point of view:

H.200 would help connect families entering homelessness with affordable childcare options to get them back on their feet faster.

H.605/S.362, the Common Start Legislation, is a transformative plan to make affordable, high-quality early education available for all families.

More than 20,000 children in Massachusetts experiences homelessness each year
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