Family homelessness has been officially declared a state of emergency in Massachusetts.

“Nearly 5,600 families with children — more than 20,000 people total — are living in state-funded shelters, hotels, dormitories and emergency facilities across the state”, according to the governor’s office. That number is up by approximately 3,100 families a year ago, overwhelming the shelter system beyond capacity and creating a challenging environment for providers, staff, and families in need of services. 

As a longtime leader and solution provider focused on child outcomes, Horizons for Homeless Children is directly responding to this crisis to meet the growing needs of families facing homelessness throughout our state. We’re committed to opening over a dozen new Playspaces across Massachusetts, so children have a safe, kid-friendly place to develop and play during this unstable time in their young lives. 

There are two ways
you can help right now:

Crisis Support for the family homelessness crisis

Volunteer With Us

Get involved at a personal level. Once our new Playspaces are established, we’ll need trained volunteers ready to staff new shifts quickly.  Complete our application and get trained now so when those Playspaces open, you’ll be ready to play.  

Make a Gift

Join us on the front line of this humanitarian work as a supporter. Your gift to Horizons will have an immediate impact on children and families at this crucial time. The work we do now for these children directly contributes to their long-term outcomes, and your generosity today makes a significant difference.  

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