día de la galleta-Horizons For Homeless Children

Día de la Galleta 2017 en el MRVP

Last week, we supported the 2017 Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program Lobby Day at the State House also known as “MRVP Cookie Day”.

Providers, families, and other nonprofits, joined together in the morning to show their support in state investments in resources that support families to overcome homelessness. Executive Director of Homes For Families, Libby Hayes, welcomed the group and spoke on the importance of advocating for funding to help families who are struggling to afford the cost of housing while caring for their children and working to increase their earnings.

Hayes went on to excitedly announce the winner of the Big Cookie Award, State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry.  Senator Forry thanked supporters and announced she will continue to fight hard to provide aide to help end family homelessness. We are especially grateful to Senator Forry, as she is the lead sponsor of the Senate version of our legislation, S.1958/H.3564: An Act Providing Immediate Childcare Assistance to Homeless Families.


Cookie Award


2017 MRVP Cookie Day-Horizons For Homeless Children

Courageous mothers told their story about experiences with homelessness, and the impacts it has had on their families. They emphasized the importance of the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program to help them toward long-term economic and housing stability.

Next on the agenda was the reason everyone was gathered; cookies! Haley House baked and decorated cookies for all 200 legislators with the FY18 funding request for the MRVP program — $120 Million – and event attendees distributed the cookies around the building to state legislators and spoke with their Senators and Representatives about the need for more housing solutions for homelessness.

As an added sign of support, Horizons staff, families, and children worked hard leading up to the event on Wednesday to decorate extra cookies to be enjoyed by the crowds!

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by Molly Murphy, Marketing Coordinator
Published on February 1, 2017