Horizons For Homeless Children Celebrates Music in Our Schools Month

Horizons Celebrates Music in Our Schools Month

There is no such thing as a cure-all. However, when it comes to children traumatized by the insecurity of homelessness, music comes pretty close. Research shows that music helps even the youngest children express emotions, overcome toxic stress, and build critical connections in their developing brains.

Thanks to our generous supporters, Horizons for Homeless Children is able to incorporate music education into each of our classrooms. This is crucial to perpetual-motion kids like Bella, who is 3. During music time, Bella is able to burn off excess energy in a controlled and encouraging environment, moving and grooving as she bounces to the beat.

Horizons has been able to bring in specialized music teachers, who have done wonders for Bella’s language development. According to her teachers, she has vastly expanded her vocabulary by singing along to songs and can repeat rhythmic patterns—key for math readiness. Call-and-response lyrics have helped Bella improve her listening and interpersonal skills, like taking turns and transitioning between activities. This progress is invaluable in preparing her to enter kindergarten at the level of her peers.

Thanks to continued support, Horizons can keep providing these enriching programs for vulnerable young students. The financial gifts we receive pay dividends for years to come by paving the way for children like Bella to develop essential early learning skills.

There’s no better way to celebrate music in our schools month than with bilingual music and dancing!