Our families need your help!

What a difference a few months make. When Leo joined Horizons, it was the best thing to happen to him and his mom, Angela. Leo used to act out at other programs, but Horizons’ teachers helped Leo develop the social-emotional skills that made him successful in the classroom and enthusiastic about going to school. They taught Leo how to share, how to clean up, and how to recognize his letters. He was thriving.

Then the pandemic hit—meaning no school for Leo, no work for Angela, and quarantining in one small room at a family shelter.

The only thing sustaining Angela was her weekly meetings with her Family Advocate, who helped her move forward both financially and professionally. When our centers reopened in July, she launched her business as a house-call hairstylist, serving people hesitant to visit salons during COVID times. She is now earning a consistent income again while Leo is back in school, where he receives mental health services to help him cope with the toll of the past few months.

While we’re thrilled to reopen, all of the COVID-required protocols are having a significant impact on our budget. Your gift will help cover these new expenses and support our existing programs, which our families need more than ever. Making a gift is easy—you can make a one-time donation or a monthly gift by clicking the link below—and it will have a tremendous impact on our families experiencing homelessness!

Horizons is responding to these new challenges, and we hope you’ll join us.