Help Horizons Partner with Families like Luilka's

Horizons is a partner in progress for children and their families.

 While children are attending our early education center, their parents can make significant progress too. Luilka experienced homelessness after her daughter’s father turned violent. It’s been years of hard work, but Luilka has worked her way up from being a dental assistant to hygienist, and beginning this summer, she’s entering college as a Biology major. She’s got dreams (and plans!) to become a dentist. While she’s at work, her daughter Alia is thriving in our classroom.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your team has done for us. It wouldn’t be possible if we hadn’t been a part of Horizons!”

Want to help families like Luilka’s to overcome the trauma of homelessness? Support Horizons today.