P.L.A.Y. Network

What is the P.L.A.Y. Network Young Professionals Group?

We are a diverse group of emerging professionals dedicated to making a real impact in our local communities as representatives of Horizons, through fundraising, advocating, and relationship-building. Our focus is to increase awareness and create opportunities to help homeless children and families.

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  • Invitations to Events: Each event is a great chance to network with like-minded individuals who are passionate about Horizons’ mission.
  • Advocacy Updates
    Calls to action to contact legislators and decision-makers regarding policies and legislation that affect homeless children and their families.
  • Community Service Opportunities
    Opportunities to volunteer and lend a hand, like chaperoning a field trip for Horizons’ early education center or helping to set up an event.

What is the P.L.A.Y. Network Leadership Committee?

Members of the P.L.A.Y. Network’s Leadership Committee make a formal commitment to take the lead in organizing in-person and virtual events, fundraising, advocating, and creating awareness. The P.L.A.Y Network Leadership Committee is currently comprised of 20+ dedicated members that include 4 co-chairs as our leaders.

Meet our four co-chairs:

from left to right

Kiley Coffey: 

I joined the P.L.A.Y. Network as a committee member in the Winter of 2018 after being introduced to Horizons through my mentor and member of the Horizon’s Board of Directors, Janice Sturchio. I was moved by the incredibly important work that Horizons does and as I learned more, I knew I wanted to find a way to get more involved. Shortly after joining the P.L.A.Y. Network, I started volunteering as a PAL. I continue to be in awe of the work that Horizons does for children and their families experiencing homelessness.

I work as an Investor Relations Associate at WindSail Capital Group, LLC and on a personal level enjoy spending time with friends and family, any and all outdoor activities, and cheering on Boston sports teams!

Ellie DiBenedetto:  

I first learned about Horizons for Homeless Children through the Annual Women’s Breakfast event in 2016, when Chris Gardner was the keynote speaker. I walked away from that event wanting to get more involved, wanting to be part of the special community that Kate and the Horizons team had created. Shortly after this event, I learned more about the P.L.A.Y. Network and immediately reached out to join the committee!

Outside of the P.L.A.Y. Network, I am a Business Manager within Investment Research at Wellington Management. In my free time, my biggest passions are family and food. I love to try new recipes and explore restaurants around Boston with my fiancé Will. When I am not cooking, I am most likely catching up with one of my siblings or spending time outside with my english cream retriever, Bentley!

Gigi Flynn:  

I have been involved with Horizons since 2018. I started out attending P.L.A.Y. Network fundraisers and after the Everybody Fights event was asked to join the P.L.A.Y. Network. In 2020, I stepped into the co-chair position and am continuously inspired by the work that Horizons does. Outside of Horizons, I am a Sr. Account Executive at Treasure Data selling a Customer Data Platform. I can also be found spending time outdoors with friends and family, skiing, traveling, and reading. 

Mady Forcier:  

I got involved in Horizons in the Spring of 2018 after attending a P.L.A.Y. Network event at Everybody Fights Gym in Seaport.  I was blown away by the commitment and passion that Horizons has for raising awareness about youth homelessness and I knew I had to get involved.

Outside of being an active member of the P.L.A.Y. Network, I work at Rapid7 as a People Strategist.  I enjoy staying active (trying new gym classes, running, golfing), traveling, baking and spending time on the Cape with my family.



Committee Members:

Katie Barrand
Jeremy Barrand
Roselys Cordero
McGara DeWan
Leah Feinberg
Katie Freeman
Cameron Hallagan
Will Hartnett
Stephen Lucien
Andrea Lutz
Sean O’Brien*
Eric Olshaw
Alyssa Pace
Angell Shi



Michaela Brotherton
Amy Butterworth
Jared Robichaud


*Current PAL Volunteer



A Special Thank You

The Glass House



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