Growing up, Angelik faced teen homelessness after an argument with her mother at 16. Though she eventually returned, the instability of home life carried into adulthood. She eventually met and married her husband Cleveland, and together they moved into a basement studio apartment close to work where she became pregnant with her daughter Leelee. Upon learning she was expecting and would soon not be able to work or meet rent payments, their landlord evicted the couple from their home. 

As Angelik faced homelessness for the second time in her life, she made a decision to get her life in order so she could provide for her growing family. Her daughter LeeLee was accepted into Horizons’ Early Education Center and she worked with her Family Advocate Foluke to pursue a career in Cosmetology with dreams of opening her own salon. 

While LeeLee thrived in Horizons’ care, Angelik set goals with her Family Advocate and completed the certifications and trainings she needed to open her own salon, Crystal Culture Beauty Bar. Now both mother and child are thriving, as Angelik experiences success in her business and LeeLee’s math and literacy skills are exploding with potential. 

“Horizons works with me, and I’ve just had so much success with them, with both my daughter and the business.” Angelik confided. “Because of what LeeLee has gotten from Horizons, I believe she is going to excel in every grade she’s going to be in because she started here as her foundation.’

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