Janely's Story-Horizons For Homeless Children

Imagine having such crippling anxiety that you cannot function among your peers. Now imagine that as a four-year-old child.

Janelys, a preschooler in our programs, has had anxiety for the majority of her life. After escaping from domestic violence, Janelys and her mom Melissa moved to a Boston shelter where they learned about Horizons.

“When Janelys started in our toddler classroom, she was very timid and did not interact with staff or other kids. She was afraid of everything.” said her teacher Ezra.

The team at Horizons recognized that she had delays in several developmental areas requiring additional supports. With hard work and support from her team, Janelys has blossomed in all of her developmental areas. Her biggest area of progress is in language. She’s now a loquacious preschooler who can’t wait to share her stories with her friends.

“Janelys wants to be a princess and an astronaut when she grows up,” said her mom Melissa. “I just want her to be happy and be her own person; I know that because of Horizons, that is going to be a possibility now.”

Janely's Story-Horizons For Homeless Children

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