Rosemary and her partner were just getting by, raising their daughters when they lost everything in a fireWith no savings and no family nearby, they moved into a family shelterThen COVID-19 hitFor Rosemary, it was the perfect storm of hardship and traumaShe felt like she was at her lowest point and needed help rebuilding a life for her familyThe shelter staff connected her to Horizons so she and her partner could return to work, while their children received the trauma-informed care and early learning they need to be successful in school and beyondHer two little girls at Horizons are thriving; our teachers even helped one of her daughters overcome a speech delay they observed when she first started, and now she is excited about starting kindergarten in the fall! And with help from her Family Advocate, Rosemary is working and has started her own business on the side! 

Watch her story in the video below, captured from her moving speech at Horizons’ Annual Fundraising Gala: