Growing up, Tae’Voahn had a nurturing mother who worked hard to make ends meet.  She and her brother were always well cared for, and her stepfather was a positive influence in her life.  But all that changed when Tae’Voahn was nineteen.  Her mother became ill and could no longer work the three jobs that had kept them afloat.  Her stepfather couldn’t handle the pressure and left.  Tae’Voahn was left to care for her brother and nephew.  Her responsibilities got more intense when she found she was pregnant.   

With her mother’s health declining, Tae’Voahn and family ended up homeless, living in shelter with her new baby Aaliyah.  Her mother passed away, leaving an emotional wound that wasn’t easy to overcome.  But Tae’Voahn persisted and, with the help of Horizons, managed to find her path forward, going back to school.  Meanwhile, Aaliyah benefited from being in the early education program where she is loved and nurtured by her teachers.  

Today, Tae’Voahn is pursuing her dream of being one of Horizons’ Mompreneurs, building a business as an Aesthetician that serves the needs of other moms. Her dream for the future?

My mother always dreamed of owning a home for our family, and she was never able to achieve that. Horizons is helping me establish a solid foundation that will help make that possible for us.”