RoRo’s Journey

When Ronan affectionally known as “RoRo” first joined Horizons’ infant classroom, his teachers noticed he was behind on his milestones and trembled at any sudden noise, behavior common in children experiencing trauma. Horizons’ teachers worked with mental health clinicians and his mom to help him progress. As he aged up to his toddler and preschool classrooms, his language skills began to soar – in both English and Spanish – with the help of Horizons’ bilingual teachers and mom’s support at home.

Today, RoRo is a happy, soft-spoken 5-year-old who loves to explore the playground and share his favorite toy cars. Having joined as an infant, most of his life has been with Horizons, and his bond with his teachers has grown through the years. Now, the time has come for Ronan to move up to kindergarten, and to help with his transition, a bittersweet goodbye came to life through a handmade scrapbook.

The book demonstrates the continuity of care that takes place at Horizons for each child as they move from one class to another. The strong relationships built in our classrooms – both with child and parent – are crucial for children experiencing homelessness, where consistent loving care creates a safe and stable environment. Horizons’ wrap-around services are essential for children like Ronan who need additional resources to prepare for their next steps beyond Horizons. As Ronan moves on, another child will move into our program, and the support of our community helps us serve each student with the high-quality care they need to thrive.


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