Playspace Installment Greater Boston-Horizons For Homeless Children
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Playspace Installment Greater Boston

Last week, in partnership with the YMCA of Greater Boston, we unveiled the opening of a Playspace for families living in shelter.  Supporters, staff, and families, joined us to debut the new Playspace.

Shelter Director David Tavares welcomed all guests and thanked supporters who made the Playspace installation possible. Horizons CEO Kate Barrand and YMCA of Greater Boston CEO James Morton spoke about each organization and discussed the impact the new Playspace will have on families and the community.

A thankful mother from the shelter noted the value the Playspace will have on her and her daughter.

“My daughter, Bella, does early intervention and we do it in such a small and confined space in my room. Now we have a comfortable space we can use for it.”

Her daughter will now be able to play in the Playspace with a PAL, giving her time to herself to work on her goals and getting her family back on their feet.

Representative Chynah Tyler also attended the opening and acknowledged the significance and importance of these programs.

After much anticipation, the children were called upon to unveil the new Playspace. In unison, they eagerly cut the ribbon to reveal the Playspace. This space – like all of our Playspaces – was designed to cater to children experiencing trauma. It featured soothing lavender walls, an abundance of toys, and organized areas for the children to enjoy.

The shelter accommodates 55 adults and children.  The 32-unit space provides lodging to approximately 80 families annually, while having assisted more than 3,500 throughout history. The Playspace Program consists of over 120 Playspaces across the state with a volunteer corps of 1,200 Playspace Activity Leaders (PALs).

by Molly Murphy, Marketing Coordinator
Published on February 1, 2017