“I was first introduced to Horizons by my company, Turner Construction, through the Women’s Breakfast. After a few years, I decided to deepen my involvement by joining the Women’s Breakfast Committee. It was here that I learned about the gravity of the issues of child homelessness and the importance of early education to give these kids a fighting chance. Now with children of my own, my family supports Horizons every year. I feel confident that by supporting Horizons, we are helping families in need, and also teaching my children the value of giving back in our community.” – Meaghan Hooper-Berdik, Women’s Breakfast Committee member, Donor

Why Donate to Horizons?
Because we are devoted to ensuring homeless children have the same opportunities—to grow, learn and play—as all children in Massachusetts.

Your Gift Makes a Difference.
Each year, our annual fund relies on the generosity of people like you to provide critical support for our Early Education Center, Playspace, and Family Partnership programs. This support allows us to serve thousands of homeless children each week. Nearly 70% of our funding comes directly from private donations, Transfer of Securities or donor advised funds.

Your gift will provide much-needed support for our programs, including:

$25 towards Play-Doh and other crafts that enhance children’s sense of touch and inspire creativity
$50 for a set of puzzles that will build children’s problem solving skills
$150 towards dramatic play costumes and props to spur imagination
$500 for a play kitchen to inspire the next famous chef
$2,500 brings music and art lessons to 175 children in our early education centers for one month

Horizons at a Glance 

  • We help close the learning and developmental gap for hundreds of homeless children through our early education program, ranked in the top 5% in the state.
  • Our 1,000 volunteers brighten the lives of more than 1,600 homeless children each week with our Playspace Program.
  • Our highly trained Family Advocates deliver practical and emotional support, guidance and strategies to parents through our Family Partnership Program.
  • We lead advocacy efforts that give homeless children and families a voice in policy development and decision-making.

“Horizons’ work is vital. I’m a single mom who raised a son and was fortunate to have a roof over my head, a great job and friends and family who supported me when I inevitably needed it. I truly believe it takes a village; Horizons provides that village and I want to be part of it.” – Christine, Donor