Our work with children and families directly addresses the inequality that stems from racism and prejudices in our society. In a 2021 survey, 83% of families served in our early education programming identified as people of color, and the majority primarily speak a language other than English at home. We serve a diverse community of parents and children and are committed to supporting their individual challenges and lived experiences through our work.   

We believe affordable, quality early education is essential to building a more inclusive community and a vital part of our economic infrastructure. We believe teachers are valued and critical people in the lives of children and pay structures should reflect that.  

Our two-generation model supports both children and their parents and is key to the success of our families and work toward building a more equitable world.   

Finally, we know that our community wants to have a voice for change.  Horizons can be a source for guidance by identifying legislative priorities that will help address the underlying challenges contributing to the family homelessness crisis. We encourage those who want to support our efforts in achieving more broad-reaching change to check out our Advocacy efforts and signup for Advocacy email alerts. 

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