Horizons' Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Oppression comes in many forms and begins with harmful ideologies which manifest in institutional policies, interpersonal exchanges and internalized thinking that have negative impacts on people and society. Our work, while focused on family homelessness, must also have a role in counteracting oppression more broadly such as racism, sexism, classism, sexual orientation discrimination and all forms of prejudice. 

We recognize the value of looking within to ensure our policies, practices and culture are aligned with Horizons’ vision. Creating a more equitable world has always been at the center of Horizons’ mission, but in the last several years we’ve recommitted to the role Horizons plays in rectifying some of the problems we see and wish to address.  

We approach building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive environment from three key perspectives:   

Leadership – Our leadership sets the tone and priority for this work.  Read our CEO and board’s goals, commitment, and investment in actionable change and the rationale for it.  

Employee Led Action – See how Horizon’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are building an environment that honors individual lived experiences and amplifies voices from within.   

Equity in our Community – Learn how Horizons’ mission and programming supports our commitment to building a more equitable world within our communities and beyond.   

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