A Very "Sweet" 16th Birthday Party-Horizons For Homeless Children
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A Very “Sweet” 16th Birthday Party

At Horizons, we are very fortunate to receive donations of all types and sizes throughout the year from our generous community. Whether it’s a PAL giving their time at Playspace or a donor giving to our program, every contribution is valued. Horizons’ donors raise funds or collect items to donate in many different ways.  Examples of the opportunities and ideas to donate can be found on our website.

Recently 16-year-old, Maddy Holden, a high school student at Hopkin Union High School, donated over a thousand dollars’ worth of toys that were purchased through our Amazon Wish List.

We sat down with Maddy, along with her mom and sister, to find out what motivated her to donate at such a young age.

Donation pile with Donors

Maddy pictured with her mother, little sister, and donated gifts

How did you hear about Horizons?
My parents have a family friend who is veryinvolved with Horizons for Homeless Children. Also, my grandmother is a PAL in Worcester.

How did you collect these items to donate?
I turned 16 recently and had a sweet sixteen birthday party. For the party, I asked guests to bring donations from the Horizons Amazon Wish List instead of presents. When I sent my birthday party invitation, I included the link to the wish list. I then found out my friends knew about Horizons and their families were involved with the organization as well!

What made you decide to do this?
I had always known I wanted to do something for Horizons after I heard about it. I wasn’t sure what to do, but after discussing ideas with our family friend who is involved with Horizons, I realized I wanted to donate toys.

What didn’t you know about our organization before you donated?
I didn’t know there were multiple early education centers in Boston. I also learned how they differ from public schools.

What’s your favorite thing about Horizons?
I like that education is a big focus for all the children. I feel like there aren’t always educational opportunities for really young homeless children, but Horizons changes that.

You donated a lot of toys, so which one is your favorite?
Markers and papers! I like arts and crafts.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I love to write, so I’d like to become a writer.

What is your favorite school subject(s)?
English and Science

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Published: November 26, 2016